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A Variety of Services Offered...

A cohesive project is made up of many components, whether you need assistance with color selection, lighting selection or an entire design plan for your home, we can provide you with several levels of interior design service that fit your project needs.

Service Level 1 - Paint Consultation

Need to spruce up one room or change the color palette of entire space, choose the service of paint consulting to get your project started in the right direction.

Service Level 2 - Space Makeover
Whether it is a residential or commerical setting, this level of service encompasses a number of design practices; paint/wallcovering selection, lighting plan, space planning, textile/material selection, window treatment design, furniture plan/selection, possible fireplace design, accessorize, front reception design and more!
Service Level 3 - Room Remodel
This is the most comprehensive level of service, comprised of performing turnkey service of redesign for a bathroom, kitchen, basement or other living space; coordinating the work throughout the extent of project.



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